Thursday, January 10, 2008

Islands of the Rich & Famous

Owning your own island is perhaps the ultimate demonstration of success. Here's a short list of just some of the islands in the world owned by such people.

Johnny Depp - Little Halls Pond Cay, Nassau, Bahamas
Nicholas Cage - Leaf Cay, Bahamas
Ian Fleming (James Bond Author) - Goat Island, Tobago
Gene Hackman - island in British Columbia, Canada
John Wayne - Taborcillo Island, Panama
Paloma Picasso, daughter of Pablo - Petalous Island, Western Greece
Steven Spielberg (film director) - Madeira, Portugal
Richard Branson (Virgin entrepreneur) - Necker Island -British Virgin Islands and Makepeace Island, Australia
Rod Stewart - The island of Great Britain, Nakheel’s “The World” Dubai, UAE
Diana Ross (Pop Diva) - Taino, French Polynesia
Ted Turner (Founder of CNN) - St Phyllis Island, South Carolina
Bill Gates (Microsoft) - Forsythe Island, New Zealand
Malcolm Forbes - Laucala Island, Fiji
Aristotle Onassis - Skorpios island, Greece
Forbes Family - Naushon Island, Massachusetts
Bacardi Family - Island near Granada
Disney family - Echo Island, San Juan islands, Washington
Du Pont family - Cherry Island, Chesapeake Bay Maryland
Heidseck Family (Champagne) - Illiec Island off the coast of Brittany
Bjorn Borg - Kattilo island, Sweden
Baron Rothschild - Bell Island, the Bahamas
Marlon Brando- Te’tiarao, French Polynesia
Wouldn't it be great to add your name to this list!

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